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We at Harvest Project care about you. We know what it’s like to struggle and go through hardships in life and we understand the pain and fear associated with an uncertain future.

We also know there is hope! Working through those challenges can prepare and strengthen us for a new road ahead. Harvest Project is here to encourage and support you as you travel through this transitional time of your life.

Core Program

This program is for clients who desire to take positive steps towards achieving self-sufficiency in their lives. This is an appointment-based program.

Every month or two, the client meets with one of our Client Care Partner to set small, specific, measurable goals that will move the client towards the long-term goal of self-sufficiency. We hold clients accountable for their goals, offer encouragement and connect the client with resources in the community.

  • Emotional Support – Through one-to-one client coaching, referrals to recovery programs and small groups
  • Spiritual Support – We hope to demonstrate love, ease burdens, help rebuild lives and offer dignity to all who we meet
  • Physical Support – Clients who actively participate in setting goals to move forward will be eligible for grocery support (once per month) and access to our Clothes For Change boutique (once every three months)
  • Help with goal-setting and planning – Dare to dream! We’ll help you plan to get there
  • Introductions to government and community programs, services and groups – There may be more out there than you know
  • Financial Workshops – Take control of your finances and learn strategies to manage on low or fixed incomes
  • Help with landing the job – Referrals to other local agencies who can help you with your job search

* Core Clients are asked to sign an accountability agreement with Harvest Project – defining the client’s responsibilities and expected behaviour and our commitment to the client. Clients must be North Shore residents (our service area is Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay) and provide photo ID for each dependent.

Emergency Needs Program

This program is for clients who are not able or ready to take steps forward towards self-sufficiency at the present time within our Core Program. Clients meet with a Support Volunteer for 5-10 minutes where we listen, offer encouragement and prayer. We will also introduce the client to our Core Program and offer an assessment, as deemed appropriate by the EN Support Volunteer.

The Emergency Needs Program does not require an appointment and we welcome visitors Tuesdays and Fridays, from 11am-3pm. We also share these resources:

  • Supplementary Grocery Support – Available every Tuesday and Friday, 11am-3pm, we provide one bag of pre-packed groceries. Pre-packed bags are available on a weekly basis, up to a maximum of 15 bags over multiple weeks. Once the clients has received the 15 complementary bags, we require a contribution of $1 per bag for each additional bag.
  • Clothing Support – Up to two complete clothing outfits are available and can be selected in a one year period

Note that Harvest Project collects personal information for the purpose of assisting our clients and developing our programs. Only authorized Harvest Project personnel will have access to your personal information and your information will not be disclosed to outside sources without your express consent (except in cases where Harvest Project is legally and morally obligated to disclose information).

How to connect with us

If you would like to become a Core Program Client, please contact us to make an appointment – by email at or by phone 604-983-9488, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-4pm and Saturday, 10am-2pm. Or, drop in to Harvest Project during those hours to make an assessment appointment for a later date.

If you would like to become an Emergency Needs Client, please drop in on Tuesdays or Fridays, from 11am-3pm.