We aim to be transparent and accountable to our community. Each year, we voluntarily undergo a year-end audit by an outside accounting firm. Here is an overview of our most recent fiscal years: (For more complete information, check out the audited statements below.)


  • ‘Change The World Foundation’ is our official name and we do business as ‘Harvest Project’. We are a registered charity in the Province of BC: Charity #BN140525205RR0001.
  • Here are links to our most recent audited financial statements:

2021-2022 Harvest Project Audited Financial Statements

2020-2021 Harvest Project Audited Financial Statements

2019-2020 Harvest Project Audited Financial Statements

2018-2019 Harvest Project Audited Financial Statements

  • Each year, hundreds of volunteers contribute their time and expertise. During the last (pre-Covid) fiscal year, we received over 19,000 volunteer-hours of service from individuals and groups from across the community. This generous service is invaluable.
  • At year-end, any surplus cash and food inventories will be used to support the next year’s work and sustain activities through seasonal variations in support.
  • We respect your trust and generosity in sharing your gift. In cases where donations made for a specific program exceed what is needed for that particular program, Harvest Project reserves the right to utilize those funds to ensure continued operation of its other approved programs.