Harvest Project is a community-based urban relief organization and registered Canadian charity. We connect with hundreds of people each month – as we provide one-to-one client-coaching and active-listening, a rent bank, a grocery-support program, clothing supports, assistance for workforce re-entry, food-recovery and redistribution, and our retail Clothes For Change Thrift Boutique. All supported by volunteers and donors from every corner of the North Shore and many stakeholders from across Metro-Vancouver and beyond.

Harvest Project serves Metro-Vancouver’s North Shore, ‘extending a hand up’ to those in need. We provide assistance to residents from Deep Cove in the east to Horseshoe Bay in the west. Our vision is to enlarge our work as a compassionate presence for North Shore residents, by North Shore residents. We’re working to help the North Shore become the most inclusive, healthy and diverse community in Canada. We aim to collaborate with the other excellent services and not-for-profit agencies operating in our community.

In one of the wealthiest regions in Canada, critical family needs are often hidden and services are scarce for those who find themselves in desperate times. About 1-in-5 North Shore families are headed by a lone-parent – representing thousands of people. These families, and many others, are at increased risk of losing access to needed physical, social and economic resources and opportunities.

Since 1993, Harvest Project has been reaching out to those who are experiencing extreme challenges with family trauma, illness, job loss, and poverty. We recognize the contributions of our co-founders David Foster and Emiko Nicol. David was a young West Vancouver business-person who fell on hard-times, found himself ‘on the street’, and was offered assistance by several local churches and other organizations. He came to embrace a Christian faith and felt inspired to begin Harvest Project as an expression of the Biblical principles of solidarity with those in poverty, caring for marginalized people, and seeking justice for neighbours in-need.

In 2021, Harvest Project positively impacted the community by providing:

  • 1,500+ client-care coaching & counsel sessions
  • Rent Bank loans and grants valued at $216,000 that kept 288 residents housed (over 12 months)
  • Groceries, grocery gift-cards and hampers valued at over $300,000
  • Clothes For Change – clothing support for clients plus retail sales to public (paused through COVID)
  • Active volunteers who brought hundreds of hours of service (totals affected by COVID)


Our motto is: “Extending a hand up, not a hand out.” This directs us to extend a hand to lift people up rather than simply dispensing a hand-out.

Our mission is: “To help people who are experiencing challenging life circumstances by providing physical, emotional and spiritual support that empowers each one to take positive steps in their lives.” Harvest Project helps individuals and families by providing vital resources so that each one can regain wellness and participate more fully within the North Shore community.

We contribute to a holistic support network that addresses the needs of vulnerable children and adults. Helping to restore our neighbors to health and stability benefits our whole community.