Who We Are

Financial Reports

We aim to be transparent and accountable to our community. Each year, we voluntarily undergo a year-end review by an outside accounting firm. Here is a summary of income and expenses for fiscal-year 2013/2014:


Cash donations: $484,463 (not including Deferred Contributions)

Government Grants (included in above total): $25,420

In-Kind Food Donations: $566,000 (estimated)

Volunteer value: $400,000 (estimated)

Total contributions: $1,450,000 (approx.)



Programs: $1,297,000 (includes estimated food and volunteer values)

Administration: $71,000

Fundraising: $57,000

Total expenses: $1,425,000 (approx.)


*All of the above information is intended as an overview of our operations. For more details, please click on link to our latest financial statements at right-side of this page or here:Harvest Project Financial Statements 2013-2014

**At year-end, any surplus cash and food inventories will be used to support the next year’s activities and allow continued activities through seasonal changes in support.