Groceries and Food Recovery2018-09-04T02:20:13+00:00


Harvest Project supports clients and visitors with three grocery programs.

Grocery Depot Program

Our on-site grocery store-like setting supplies clients and their families with groceries on a monthly basis. Our approach is to provide each client with the power of choice. Last year, perishable and non-perishable food and toiletries, valued at more than $750,000, was provided to clients.

Emergency Food Program

Pre-packed bags of food are provided for clients who are waiting to join the Client-Care Program, Emergency-Needs Clients, and for clients in transition from Harvest Project programs.

Food Recovery Program

100% of food and personal hygiene products that Harvest Project offers to clients is donated by individuals, businesses and community groups. We have worked closely with Vancouver Coastal Health North Shore to develop this food recovery program and protocols for safely handling, transporting and storing perishable foods. We work to provide a healthy, practical range of foods.

To provide for clients through 2018, we’ll need more than $750,000 food (at retail value) – to be received through food-drives and donations from across the community.