What We Do


We welcome first time visitors to Harvest Project with an introduction to one of our Intake Volunteers. The volunteer welcomes each visitor to sit down, share their story with us and hear about how Harvest Project’s offer to extend a ‘hand-up’ may help them. The visitor may decide to engage either with our Client Care Program and its trained volunteers, or as a drop-in Emergency Needs client. First-time visitors need to bring a piece of picture ID plus a piece of mail that shows their North Shore address.

Client-Care Program

This program is for clients who are experiencing difficult life-circumstances but hope to take positive steps forward to improve their situations. Volunteer client-care partners meet with individuals on an appointment basis to develop a coaching relationship that helps the client set goals, refers them to other community resources, points them towards life skills training, and provides clothing and grocery support.

Emergency Needs Support Program

This program is for clients who are uncertain about their future. The Intake Volunteer listens, encourages and offers support options to each one. Clients receive pre-packed bags of groceries and/or a voucher for clothing. The hope is that each one will be inspired to move into the ongoing Client-Care Program.