How To Help

How To Help

Each year, hundreds of North Shore individuals, businesses and other groups bring their energy, creativity and passion to become part of Harvest Project’s network of support. Some benefits:

  • For businesses, Harvest Project is a great partner in enacting your social engagement policies
  • You and your group will feel good, and deservedly so, as you do good in your community
  • Your contribution is multiplied, as we work with volunteers and donated cash and goods

Find out how you or your group can organize a special event here. Some ideas to explore:

Involve Your School

We value our partnerships with schools. We look forward to working with you to provide support and the best outcomes for everyone who participates. Your school can give to the community while students learn more about their neighbours, current social issues and the benefits of working together.

Run a food drive: Students can organize a drive, collecting non-perishable grocery items for our grocery depot and food hampers.

Host a fund-raiser: Create an event that involves students and the community to contribute cash. Ask us about online resources to help you organize.

Check out our media resources: Join us on social media here: Facebook and Twitter

Select Harvest Project as your charity of choice for the Youth in Philanthropy Initiative (YPI)

Involve Your Organization

We look to partner with businesses and community organizations. We offer a number of ways that you can become involved to support those in need. Please consider working with Harvest Project as your organization reaches out to the community -

Regular giving to Harvest Project: Monthly or periodic giving provides needed support for our work in the community. It’s a cost-effective method to support programs that benefit your neighbours and it’s one that brings members of your team together around a common cause.

Host an event that will raise awareness and money for Harvest Project. For example, you can invite a Harvest Project staff member to your site or have an information booth run by our staff and volunteers during a special event.

Donate food or clothing* to support Harvest Project’s programs (*adult business or business-casual clothing and shoes)